Internationally Manufactured Products, Logistics & Engineering Services


Trusted Expertise
Tigar International customers benefit from decades of experience in Strategic Global Sourcing through thousands of successful customer projects.

Proprietary strategic advantage
Tigar International empowers customers to maintain and grow strategic advantage by expertly delivering our customer’s proprietary components.

Unlimited Production Capacity
Tigar International customers gain access to a world of production capacity and are unlimited by in-house production constraints.

Just-in-Time Delivery
Tigar international provides just-in-time services to our customers through expert planning and logistics.
Technological Flexibility
Product designs and processes can be changed quickly and are not limited to the customer’s existing in-house process capability.

Improved Agility
By shedding unnecessary overhead and indirect labor costs from sourcing activities, Tigar International customers gain the advantage of being unburdened by the time and expense of a Global Sourcing effort.

We speak your language
Tigar International is a friendly neighbor just minutes away to understand and address your needs.